Eisenacher Str.2 im Sally Bowles
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Das unverwechselbare Escape Game der 20er Jahre

Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome … to the Berlin of the Golden Twenties, at Nollendorfplatz where it all began …

Let yourself be carried away by the shady nightlife of the infamous gangster bosses, to be enticed by the gambling and the intoxicating drinks …. but do not underestimate the prying eyes of the law, for no debaucherous activity remains unnoticed, and the danger of a raid is always present – as it is this night.To avoid the law, you find yourself underground and can only escape by finding the key to ensure your freedom.

And only using your wits with logical thinking, creativity, teamwork and sophistication, can you and your fellow accomplices of up to 4 people, solve the various puzzles to emerge again into the vibrant nightlife.

If you cannot make your escape within the hour, you run the risk of spending the night behind bars. But if you succeed, you have the opportunity to continue singing with “Sally Bowles” and her “friends” at our bar!

Nowhere will you feel closer to the temptations, the allure and the seduction of this unique decade of Prohibition than here.

An authentic experience, with charming attention to detail to the period, awaits you to share with friends, colleagues or family and that you will definitely not forget!